About Us

Take a trip Down Whistle-Tot Lane. Visit out beautiful Mobile Play Village at a location near you! Beautiful detailed role play areas designed to immerse children in their own small world...

Visit the Bakery, Go Camping, take a trip to the Theatre, or relax on the village green. We rotate our role play spaces from week one to week two, to keep it fresh and exciting! Each week there will be 8 or more beautiful play spaces for you to explore.                         

We are trying to keep our equipment wooden and plastic free where possible. Our primary supplier is sustainable and replants 8 trees for every purchase I make with them.

Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, giving you enough time to play and explore without the children getting over tired, keeping the experience positive! We are also limiting numbers per session to keep the sessions enjoyable and calm.

At Whistle-Tot Lane we will also be providing a Café for the adults (and children!) Tea and Coffee are all FREE at the session, you must bring your own safety mugs to use. We’ll also have beautiful locally sourced handmade cakes for you to buy and enjoy! Including Gluten free and vegan options. We will have a dedicated area where you can sit and relax with your drinks – no drinks are allowed in the role play areas.

Whistle-Tot Lane – Mobile Play Village – Coming to a venue near you!